Julie Berthiaume

Bilingual Senior Insurance Advisor


“During my presentations to dental students, I highlight youth and health as advantages. Getting insured early is essential as anything can happen at any time. My goal is to make certain they are always protected with insurance.”

Julie Berthiaume is an Insurance Advisor who holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA), the CAIB designation and she is licensed as a general insurance broker and as a life and accident and sickness insurance advisor. Julie provides educational sessions on insurance and risk management strategies to dentists and dental students across Canada. Her extensive background in claims with 18+ years of industry experience underpins her passion for ensuring everyone has the protection they need.


Perspectives on working with dentists

Julie began her career in the insurance industry at CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. In the claims department before her role as a bilingual advisor. She enjoys working with dental students and watching them evolve from new students attending orientation, undergoing extensive training in dental school right to welcoming them to the practice of dentistry. “It is nice to see that evolution and have the ongoing relationship and connection with my clients. There is a sense of satisfaction in knowing that I am more than just a name, I am a person they recognize, know and trust.”

Julie is driven and passionate about helping her clients appreciate the value of insurance and the positive impact it has on their financial and mental wellbeing. “I tell my clients that I understand that insurance can be complicated and that is what I am here for. I simplify the process for dentists to get insurance so that they are adequately protected. Dentists already have a lot going on in their lives so, if I can remove one stress element, my job is done!”

Julie ensures that her clients go through the process seamlessly, from start to finish. “I knew that I had found a great environment to work in where every one of my team understands the unique needs of dental community. Trust is woven into our culture, and everyone is always willing to provide support wherever needed.”

Given the complexities of most dentists’ financial profiles, Julie takes pride in ensuring each client’s needs are met without any challenges. Her motto is “Do it right the first time”.


1.800.561.9401 x 6804


  • Bachelor of Arts, Carleton University
  • Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB)
  • Damage Insurance Broker (Quebec)
  • Financial Security Advisor (Quebec)
  • Advisor in Group Insurance Plans (Quebec)

Always be prepared against the unforeseen. Financial well-being is peace of mind when you have a plan and resources available in an emergency.

Julie’s tip is to start early and conduct regular reviews. Youth and health play a critical role in insurance – if you are young and healthy, your premiums tend to be lower. Premiums increase as one gets older and if they have pre-existing health concerns, chances are they would no longer qualify.

Once you get insurance, do not just sit on it, regularly review your coverage with an advisor. Milestones such as graduating, starting to practise, buying a practice, starting a family, or considering retirement should all trigger a call to your advisor.

Outside of work, Julie keeps busy with many family activities with her partner and three children. They enjoy travelling and camping at least once a year. Other family activities include cooking, baking, and unwinding by watching movies. Julie’s family also includes five pets – a dog, a parrot, and three cats.