Olga Yoffe

Bilingual Professional Insurance Advisor


“The CDSPI team is diligent and responsive to serving our clients. I started in the claims department, and this has helped me see issues from the client’s perspective. Providing a solution and ensuring a quick turnaround for clients and their requests is part of our culture.”

Olga Yoffe is a bilingual Professional Insurance Advisor with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Olga provides guidance and advice to Canadian dental professionals on their insurance needs. She is licensed as a general insurance broker and as a life and accident and sickness insurance advisor. Olga has 20+ years' experience at CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. including helping dentists navigate the claims process. Olga offers guidance on insurance protection strategies and insurance risks that arise from not having adequate coverage.


Perspectives on Working with Dentists

Olga feels that her initial experience in claims shaped her outlook on relationship building with her clients. Moving from claims to advisory services, she learned to manage clients’ expectations while providing the benefits of insurance to her clients. “I knew what claims could mean to clients; it could be challenging with a lot of emotions involved. I tell my clients that they need to be prepared for uncertainty. My goal is for them to never be in a situation where they need to make a claim without sufficient coverage.” Olga enjoys working with dentists discussing coverage options and conducting regular reviews of their coverage.

“A small premium is better than the cost of the loss that could happen. It is also a small price to pay for peace of mind throughout your career.”


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  • Bachelor of Arts degree in French to English Translation from Concordia University 

Get insured for peace of mind. Insurance will protect you and your loved ones in moments of loss. Review your coverage regularly; for example, five years into your career, it is not advisable to maintain the same coverage that you acquired as a student.

“I am here to understand your goals and any restrictions that could prevent you from achieving those goals. Have a discussion with your advisor before cancelling your coverage, so together, we can figure out any number of ways to alleviate your financial pressure.”

Olga loves spending time and travelling with her family. For work and leisure, travelling has exposed her to some great food. Locally, she has had the best sushi in Vancouver and the best lobster in Nova Scotia. As a child, Olga travelled to several countries experiencing different cultures and appreciating new experiences.