Practice Owner

Insurance Solutions for Practice Owners

As a practice owner, you will benefit from reliable, long-term protection from unforeseen circumstances—for your staff, equipment, building or overall practice. CDSPI has you covered with plans tailored to your professional needs, including malpractice and office overhead insurance or combination plans such as TripleGuard™ Insurance. Take advantage of personal plans priced and designed for dentists, including life, disability, travel, home and auto insurance.


Protects you in the event a patient makes a claim against you arising out of your professional services.

Excess Malpractice

Provides protection in excess of your mandatory primary policy in the event a patient makes a claim against you that arises from your professional services.

Basic Life

In the event of your death, this plan provides your beneficiary with up to $4 million to assist in meeting financial obligations, such as their debts, expenses or taxes.

Family Life

Family Life provides you with up to $1 million in the event of the death of your spouse, to meet financial obligations, funeral expenses, the costs of childcare or other expenses. You can also get coverage for dependent and non-dependent children and those in post-secondary studies.

Permanent Life - Term 100

Term 100 offers life-long financial support to your dependents and helps meet your estate planning needs. The plan is called “Term 100” because you pay the same premium each year until age 100.

Permanent Life - Whole Life and Universal Life

Whole Life and Universal Life insurance protects your wealth and helps you meet your long-term financial and estate planning goals. These policies allow you to combine lifetime insurance with a tax-efficient accumulation of assets for your estate.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

Provides you with compensation to help cope with the financial consequences of a serious accidental injury. Also provides a benefit to your beneficiary if you die in an accident.


Built with practicing dentists in mind, DisabilityGuard™ insurance helps protect your lifestyle and earning power from a disabling illness or injury that prevents you from working.

TripleGuard™ Practice Owner

TripleGuard Insurance for Practice Owners protects you in three important ways with protection for your dental equipment, contents and leasehold improvements; replacement of lost income from interruption due to practice damage; and insurance against commercial liability lawsuits.


Protects dentists who own the building they practice in. Available for a competitive additional premium.

Office Overhead Expense

Reimburses certain office expenses you incur if illness or injury prevent you from working. Helps cover the ongoing expenses of your practice in the event of a disability.

Dental Office Staff

Offers your dental-practice employees protection for three types of coverage—life, accident and disability insurance. Coverage types can be purchased together or separately.

Travel Edge/Travel Edge Plus

Provides you with emergency medical coverage anywhere in the world outside your home province and includes a broad range of coverage. Available through one low premium that covers you for an entire year.

CDSPI Home & Auto

Offers a variety of advantages including 24/7 claims assistance and multi-line discounts. Provides preferred group rates for dental professionals, their spouses, staff, and dependents.

Personal Umbrella Liability

Provides coverage in case a large lawsuit award goes beyond the limit of one of your primary personal home or auto insurance coverages. This plan is no longer available through CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.

If you have a CDSPI home insurance policy underwritten by The Personal Insurance Company, please call them at 1.877.277.7230.  HUB International can also arrange Personal Umbrella Liability insurance coverage for CDSPI clients that will be underwritten by The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company*. You can contact HUB at 1.833.685.2622.

*Personal Umbrella Liability Protection through Wawanesa is not available in Newfoundland.