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One of the most valued benefits of membership with the British Columbia Dental Association (BCDA) is access to the products and services of CDSPI.

As a not-for-profit organization, operating under the governance of the BCDA, Canadian Dental Association, and other participating provincial and territorial dental associations, CDSPI works exclusively for and with dental professionals. Being a BCDA member means enjoying exclusive savings, benefits and services.

You have important goals for your life and dental career—BCDA and CDSPI can help you reach them.

5 Reasons Why CDSPI

One of the most valued benefits of BCDA membership is access to the products and services of CDSPI. In fact, according to a 2021 CDSPI survey of 1,469 clients, 86% of dentists feel that access to CDSPI insurance and investment solutions is a “very important” benefit of membership.

Being a BCDA member means enjoying exclusive CDSPI savings and services:

BC dentists who are BCDA members enjoy a 25% reduction on CDSPI Malpractice Insurance over non-members.

Malpractice Insurance provides claims assistance and legal representation — all at highly economical rates, with coverage up to $25-million per claim, to a maximum of $75-million annually.

CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. has non-commissioned Investment Planning Advisors located in BC who will work with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan that leverages expert financial, risk management, diversification, and tax planning strategies to help you achieve your goals. These services typically cost between $2,500 - $5,000 and are provided at no cost to BCDA members.


Brian Buirs, CFP®, FMA

Investment Planning Advisor
604.901.4762 or
1.800.561.9401 ext. 6855


Penny Hall, CFP®

Investment Planning Advisor
604.283.6733 or
1.800.561.9401 ext. 6858

As a part of a commitment to give back to the dental community, CDSPI provides no-cost insurance for dental students and discounts to new graduates.

Exclusive access to best-in-class insurance solutions for dentists to protect your life, your income, and your practice plus a full suite of investment products and services including a low-fee family of funds and discretionary private wealth management.

CDSPI sponsors important initiatives including The Women in Dentistry Mentorship Program (WinDMP), the Dental Mentorship Program (DMP) and UBC's Summer Student Practitioner Program.

Malpractice Insurance — Member and Non-Member Pricing

Effective January 1, 2023, dentists who are not members of the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) or a provincial dental association will be charged non-member pricing for CDSPI Malpractice Insurance 

For your reference, the table below illustrates member and non-member malpractice premiums. If you are not a member and would like to take advantage of member pricing, please contact your provincial dental association about your membership status.

Premium rates are in effect January 1, 2023 until December 31, 2023.

Member Pricing

Malpractice Insurance - Member
Claim Limit Deductible
$1,000 $2,500 $5,000
$3,000,000 per claim (maximum $9-million per calendar year) $1,809.91 $1,747.30 $1,668.65
$4,000,000 per claim (maximum $12-million per calendar year) $1,867.84 $1,805.22 $1,726.58
$5,000,000 per claim (maximum $15-million per calendar year) $1,918.40 $1,855.79 $1,777.13
$10,000,000 per claim (maximum $30-million per calendar year) $2,169.07 $2,106.46 $2,027.81
$25,000,000 per claim (maximum $75-million per calendar year) $2,610.05 $2,547.44 $2,468.79
Short Term Malpractice - Member
Minimum Premium $250.00

Non-Member Pricing

Malpractice Insurance - Non-Member
Claim Limit Deductible
$1,000 $2,500 $5,000
$3,000,000 per claim (maximum $9-million per calendar year) $2,262.39 $2,184.12 $2,085.81
$4,000,000 per claim (maximum $12-million per calendar year) $2,334.80 $2,256.53 $2,158.22
$5,000,000 per claim (maximum $15-million per calendar year) $2,397.99 $2,319.74 $2,221.41
$10,000,000 per claim (maximum $30-million per calendar year) $2,711.34 $2,633.07 $2,534.76
$25,000,000 per claim (maximum $75-million per calendar year) $3,262.57 $3,184.30 $3,085.99
Short Term Malpractice - Non-Member
Minimum Premium $312.50

What BC Dentists are Saying* About CDSPI...


"I trust CDSPI to help me reach my financial goals."

"I received very good service and I know the products are designed and specialized for dentists."

"I am so happy and satisfied as a client of CDSPI. The advisors are really professional and always consider the benefits of the client and they work very fast."

"They understand insurance and the nature of how the claim affects me as a dentist."

"Trust and knowledge unique to the dental profession."

Wellness Support for the Dental Office

The Dentist Wellness Program

BCDA has arranged The Dentist Wellness Program that provides free, discreet, confidential support for BC dentists and their families through experienced program staff and/or an extensive network of counsellors, therapists and coaches. The program helps with a wide range of issues, including substance use, mental health, relationship stress, career and life transitions, peer support, workplace relationships and concern for colleagues. Get more information on how DWP can help you.


Support for BC Dental Staff

The Members' Assistance Program (MAP), provided by LifeWorks, is a free, 24/7/365, confidential service available to all members of your dental team and their families. Through MAP, dental staff have access to help and guidance with the prevention and management of a wide range of health, work and relationship issues.

Contact MAP 24/7:  1.844.578.4040 or logon to LifeWorks at with the username: BCDA and password: CDSPI

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Questions about your membership

If you have questions about your membership, talk to the BCDA and learn about all of the benefits of membership by contacting them at 604.736.7202 or toll free at 1.888.396.9888 or

You have important goals for your life and dental career – BCDA and CDSPI can help you reach them.

*Responses taken from regular client interaction surveys with BC dentists conducted from 2020 to present and are used with permission.

Basic Life, DisabilityGuard and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance are underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife), PO Box 670, Stn Waterloo, Waterloo, ON N2J 4B8.

TripleGuard and CDSPI Malpractice Insurance are underwritten by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (Canadian Branch).