CDSPI TripleGuardTM Insurance Plan Coverage Changes in 2021

Over the years, TripleGuardTM office insurance has been an important staple in helping protect dentists and their practices. The extraordinary events in 2020 have created a challenging environment for many people and businesses around the world. For those with pandemic coverage, Aviva Insurance Company of Canada (Aviva) has paid out those claims. To align with the expectations of reinsurers and current market practice, Aviva has updated the policy wording for the TripleGuardTM insurance plan.


The section below summarizes some of the key changes and differences between your current CDSPI TripleGuardTM plan and the 2021 plan. These changes will be effective on January 1, 2021.

Summary of key coverage changes in 2021 include:

Premiums for the TripleGuardTM insurance plan will increase in 2021. Premiums will rise 9% in 2021, as compared to 2020 rates.


Click on the “+” to read highlights in each section:

Please read the full details of the changes above in the 2021 Aviva Full Details of Changes attached PDF below.

Reference Documents

For your reference, please download a copy of your new policy booklet below:

2021 Aviva Full Details of Changes

2021 Policy Booklet (Effective January 1, 2021)

2020 Amended Policy (Expires on December 31, 2020)

2020 Policy Booklet (Expires on December 31, 2020)

Please note Building Insurance has a separate policy booklet below:

2021 Building Policy Booklet (Effective January 1, 2021)

2020 Building Policy Booklet (Expires on December 31, 2020)


If you have any questions about your policy, please contact the Insurance Advisory Team at or 1.800.561.9401.