Kevin Bautista

Investment Sales Associate


“I think it is essential to have realistic goals, short and long-term. Once you have figured that out, putting together a financial plan is the next step. Providing support to the advisors has provided me with important perspective about the value of having and sticking to a plan.”

Kevin Bautista is an Investment Sales Associate and Administrator who holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. Kevin has 10+ years’ experience in the financial services industry, previously working at two major financial institutions. Kevin provides support to help the advisory team build and maintain strong relationships in the dental community.


Perspective on Working with Dentists

Kevin’s interest in investments piqued when he worked at a financial institution serving clients with various issues including paying off long-term debt, starting investments and RESPs (Registered Education Savings Plan). He continued to learn more and eventually joined CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. to broaden his knowledge and skillset in the industry while working collaboratively with the Investment Advisory Team.

Kevin’s objective is to enable dentists to achieve their financial goals. He does this by helping the advisors focus on meeting and fostering relationships with dentists. “I think the goal is always to help clients feel some sort of financial freedom as they plan their lives.”

Working at CDSPI, Kevin values the work-life balance that is inherent to the organization’s culture. He believes a company that cares for its employees inevitably extends that care and compassion to its clients. “CDSPI being a boutique organization, enables us to focus all our efforts on the wellbeing of the dental community, without having to worry about commission. I love working with dentists and watching as they progress through their careers from students onwards.”


1.800.561.9401 x 6873


  • Bachelor of Commerce degree, Toronto Metropolitan University


  • Manitoba Region

Kevin believes in the saying, “the first wealth is health,” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Kevin tries to live that philosophy daily. “Prioritizing health happens in several ways, including having a financial plan in place so that your mental health is not negatively impacted by stressing about the future. With that stress reduced, there’s room to do what you love most: spending time with family, traveling, and engaging in your hobbies.”

One piece of advice that Kevin would like all dentists to have is that “comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt. Everyone has their own path to follow in life, and it is important for each person to live their own life without comparing to others and what they have.

Kevin and his family of three recently relocated from Toronto to Winnipeg. They are currently spending as much time as they can exploring the city. Fitness is important to Kevin to keep balance in his life, whether is going to the gym or engaging in group sport activities.