Shane Dewling

Investment Planning Advisor


“It is my passion to help each of my clients achieve their goals. I want them to achieve everything that is important to them, big or small, from a financial standpoint.”

Shane Dewling is an Investment Planning Advisor who holds the CFP® and FMA® designations as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree. Shane has 20+ years of experience working with high-net-worth clients in the areas of tax planning, estate planning, retirement, and wealth management. Shane also has expertise helping dentists leverage their business assets through the incorporation or sale of their dental practice.


Perspectives on working with dentists

Following a recommendation from his business professor, Shane took the Canadian Securities Course and he never looked back. After working in the banking sector, he joined CDSPI Advisory Services Inc. in 2015 to serve the dental community.

In addition to the more common goals, dentists are like most high earning Canadians in their goals of financing their children's education, retirement savings, and buying a dream property. Where their needs get more complicated are in the areas of buying and selling their practices, setting up financial vehicles, and leveraging their corporations to grow their wealth while minimizing taxes. Dentists are driven professionals who understand the value of expert financial advice. “Having previously worked in the banking industry with the pressure of commission sales, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed how CDSPI empowers me to offer sound advice to my clients without the inherent bias of commission structures.”


1.800.561.9401 x 6863


  • Bachelor of Arts, BA, Western University
  • Financial Management Advisor (FMA®)


  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan

Optimism is a key ingredient to financial planning. Inspired by Benjamin Israeli’s quote, “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best,” Shane strongly believes that “financial wellness is your ability to achieve your goals in any given scenario, such as a pandemic. It is building towards and achieving your plans while having a safety net for unforeseen circumstances. The only way to achieve this is through a financial plan. If you do not have one, absolutely, positively get one.”

Shane likes to write and play music and he is adding drums to his repertoire that includes the guitar and keyboards. The most important thing of all to Shane is his family which includes three rescue cats. He also enjoys travel and sports. Shane’s wish for a superpower is superhuman strength to tackle the weekend chores. This would come in handy for year end when Shane and his son take part in the Red Bag Campaign; gathering canned food to distribute to those in need.