Retirement Mode

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Retirement Mode

If you’re approaching retirement or already retired, your financial priorities are changing as you focus on protecting yourself, living on your retirement savings and leaving a legacy for your loved ones. Sound insurance and investment advice is critical, even in retirement.

We provide financial planning expertise and exclusive access to insurance and investment solutions tailored to your changing needs—while offering preferred pricing exclusively for dental professionals.

And if you’re planning to maintain your practice beyond age 65—perhaps part time—you can continue to access essential insurance plans for your practice, such as malpractice and office insurance. We can also provide coverage for your personal needs—including health, disability, travel, home and auto insurance. To get started, simply book a meeting with one of our advisors to learn more.



Our diverse lineup of low-fee investment funds offers you a range of asset classes, investment managers and styles.

Privately Managed Portfolios

If you have investable assets over $1 million, you can access top-tier discretionary wealth-management services.

Self-Directed Investment Services

For do-it-yourself investors, CDSPI provides dental professionals with exclusive, preferred pricing with Qtrade Securities Inc.

Permanent Life - Whole Life and Universal Life

Whole Life and Universal Life insurance protects your wealth and helps you meet your long-term financial and estate planning goals. These policies allow you to combine lifetime insurance with a tax-efficient accumulation of assets for your estate.

CDSPI Retiree Benefits

Provides continuing health and dental coverage for you and your family during retirement.

Travel Edge/Travel Edge Plus

Provides you with emergency medical coverage anywhere in the world outside your home province and includes a broad range of coverage. Available through one low premium that covers you for an entire year.

CDSPI Home & Auto

Offers a variety of advantages including 24/7 claims assistance and multi-line discounts. Provides preferred group rates for dental professionals, their spouses, staff, and dependents.

Personal Umbrella Liability

Provides coverage in case a large lawsuit award goes beyond the limit of one of your primary personal home or auto insurance coverages. This plan is no longer available through CDSPI Advisory Services Inc.

If you have a CDSPI home insurance policy underwritten by The Personal Insurance Company, please call them at 1.877.277.7230.  HUB International can also arrange Personal Umbrella Liability insurance coverage for CDSPI clients that will be underwritten by The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company*. You can contact HUB at 1.833.685.2622.

*Personal Umbrella Liability Protection through Wawanesa is not available in Newfoundland.




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