Starting Out

Students and New Graduates

As a dental student, you may be new to insurance and wealth management. At this stage, you need a trusted source to help put you on the right track. Our insurance advisors can provide you with valuable insurance that comes at no cost students, including disability, life and dental tools coverage. Our investment planning advisors can offer practical financial tips and access to competitive investment solutions.

As you progress through dental school, approach graduation and begin practising, CDSPI is here to help you every step of the way.


New Graduates & Associates

When you begin your career, your financial needs will expand. CDSPI is pleased to offer reduced premiums on insurance plans for associates who participated in our no-cost student package, including disability, life and TripleGuardTM insurance.

Our financial planning advisors can help kick-start your financial plan by focusing on your most important short- and long-term goals, such as paying down your student debt, saving for home ownership and starting your practice.



Our diverse lineup of low-fee investment funds offers you a range of asset classes, investment managers and styles.

Undergraduate Package*

Provides eligible undergraduate students with no-cost disability, life, accident and dental hand instruments protection while in dental school, as well as doubled amounts of life, disability insurance and AD&D coverage at graduation.

Optional Graduate Package*

With evidence of good health, you can apply for the Optional Graduate Package to receive even higher amounts of life, disability insurance and AD&D coverage at graduation.

TripleGuard™ Insurance*

As a student, dental hand instruments coverage is included in the undergraduate student insurance program* at no cost. Once you graduate, you have access to associate or regular office coverage at reduced rates if you are a graduate who participated in the undergraduate student insurance program.

*Coverage is offered at no cost to you until December 31st of your graduation year, if you are an eligible full-time dental student at an accredited Canadian university. Premiums for the following three years are then reduced to 50% of the regular premium for Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance plans, and at a lifetime reduction of 15% on regular premiums for DisabilityGuard™ Insurance. Students 40 and over are subject to medical underwriting for Undergraduate and Optional insurance plans.

Basic Life

In the event of your death, this plan provides your beneficiary with up to $2 million to assist in meeting financial obligations, such as their debts, expenses or taxes.

Family Life

Family Life provides you with up to $1 million in the event of the death of your spouse, to meet financial obligations, funeral expenses, the costs of childcare or other expenses. You can also get coverage for dependent and non-dependent children and those in post-secondary studies.

Permanent Life - Term 100

Term 100 offers life-long financial support to your dependents and helps meet your estate planning needs. The plan is called “Term 100” because you pay the same premium each year until age 100.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

Provides you with compensation to help cope with the financial consequences of a serious accidental injury. Also provides a benefit to your beneficiary if you die in an accident.


Built with practicing dentists in mind, DisabilityGuard™ insurance helps protect your lifestyle and earning power from a disabling illness or injury that prevents you from working.


Combines protection for your contents, income and expenses and risk of a lawsuit. Insures against fire, theft, and liability suits arising from slip and fall claims. Protection offered in one convenient, cost-effective package.


Protects you in the event a patient makes a claim against you arising out of your professional services.

Ontario Excess Malpractice

Provides protection in excess of your mandatory primary policy in the event a patient makes a claim against you that arises from your professional services. Available to Ontario Dental Association members who are licensed to practise in Ontario.

Professional Legal Expenses Plan

Covers legal expenses related to an insurance company audit, a professional disciplinary or complaint hearing, and investigations concerning licensing or fitness to practise.

There are a number of tools and calculators available to help you plan for your future. Please select from our list below:


Members’ Assistance Program

Life happens.

Let us help.

The Members’ Assistance Program (MAP) safeguards the wellbeing of dental professionals. The Program provides confidential, no cost support and advice for dentists, dental staff and their immediate family members. It offers assistance on work, life and health matters, in a variety of ways suiting each situation and lifestyle.

MAP services are offered through Shepell, Canada’s largest provider of Employee and Family Assistance Programs.

For more details, please download the MAP brochure or contact MAP 24/7:

Phone: 1.844.578.4040


Mobile app:
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