Cyber Awareness – Elevating Patient Privacy in Dental Communication with CDA Secure Send

In today’s healthcare landscape, the need for efficient and secure communication is paramount. Gone are the days when sharing patient information, especially sensitive data like x-rays, could be done casually via email. In fact, sending an x-ray through unsecured email not only raises privacy concerns but is also a direct violation of patient data privacy laws.

Recognizing the importance of safeguarding patient information, the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) offers members CDA Secure Send. This free practice support site provides a safe, confidential, and secure platform for dental professionals to communicate about patient care.


Effortless Information Transmission with CDA Secure Send

Sending patient information is as simple and quick as sending an email, but with CDA Secure Send, the key distinction lies in its security features. Connected to CDA's extensive directory of dentists, users can effortlessly search for colleagues by name, specialty, or location, ensuring that information reaches the intended recipient with precision.

Patient Data Confidentiality

By signing up for this service, members of the Canadian Dental Association have access to a tool that not only meets but exceeds the legal obligations to protect the confidentiality of patient data, including vital records like x-rays and health information.

Secure Send uses uses AES 256 encryption which is considered highly secure and is often used for encrypting sensitive information, such as classified government data, financial transactions, healthcare data and other applications where a high level of security is essential. CDA Secure Send messages are also automatically deleted 30 days after being sent.

Tailored Communication for Dental Professionals

While the platform enables communication with licensed dentists, specialists, dental staff, labs, and patients, its primary focus remains on fostering secure exchanges within the professional dental community.

Mobile App: A Seamless Extension of Security

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of dental practice, CDA Secure Send also extends its secure communication capabilities to a mobile app. The app mirrors the reliability and ease of use found in the desktop version, ensuring that dental professionals can securely transmit patient information anytime, anywhere.

By embracing this platform, dental professionals not only meet legal obligations but also contribute to the elevation of patient privacy standards in the digital age.

How to Sign Up

For more details and to sign up, visit: Canadian Dental Association (

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