2021 Client Relationship Survey: An Overview


Our clients mean everything to us, which is why CDSPI has made it a priority to listen.  A key part of this listening is a regular client relationship survey.  We conducted a baseline survey in 2021 to better understand how our clients feel, what they value from CDSPI, and where we can improve.


High-level summary:

  • A total of 1,469 online surveys were completed with a cross-section of clients (students, practising and non-practising dentists, retired dentists)
  • The overall NPS score, which is the gold standard in measuring customer experience and loyalty was 39.0 which is very strong
  • Scores were even higher for our investment clients
  • The majority of respondents (73%) provided a positive client effort score, suggesting that CDSPI is easy to work with
  • There is considerable confidence in CDSPI looking ahead to the post-pandemic world


What do clients value most?

Elements valued most by clients focus on these key areas: effective coverage, effective advice and counsel, strong value for money, and CDSPI staff who are responsive and attentive to their needs


What did we do well?

CDSPI staff are very easy to reach, and have a unique understanding of the dental profession. CDSPI also makes it easy for clients to take care of their needs, and clients feel good about their decision to work with us.



Where are the opportunities to improve?

There is some room to improve perceptions of CDSPI knowing and caring about clients, providing customized solutions, and having a clear understanding of their needs, predominantly for insurance clients



What comes next?

CDSPI has already begun planning and prioritizing opportunities to make your experiences even better!  This has included a brainstorming workshop on the areas most critical to the client experience.  Stay tuned, as we will be sharing more information with you in the coming months as plans unfold. We take your feedback very seriously and want to make your experiences with us truly exceptional!