A New Association for Alberta Dentists

Contributed by the Alberta Dental Association

In December of 2020, the Government of Alberta passed a bill that would amend the Health Professions Act. This required all regulatory health colleges, including the (former) Alberta Dental Association and College (ADA&C) to divest their association functions and activities by April 1, 2023. This has led to the creation of a new independent Alberta Dental Association (‘the Association’).

The Association provides a strong, unified voice to enhance, promote, and to advocate on behalf of the dental profession. Through the Association, members will be able to access a variety of practice support tools, benefits, professional development opportunities, and to connect with the dental community. Led by dentists for dentists, the Association is committed to fostering a thriving dental professional community in Alberta.

For the Association’s first year of operations, membership was included in the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta’s (‘the College’) 2023 registration fees, which also included licensure and malpractice insurance. A one-time financial gift from the College was provided to the Association to cover start-up costs. This arrangement meant all registered dentists were automatically members of the Association until December 2023. For 2024 and beyond, Association membership fees will be separate from the College’s registration fees and collected each calendar year (January 1 – December 31).

Membership with the Association comes with many important benefits including:

  • CDA’s practice support tools (CDAnet, ITRANS, CDA Secure Send),

  • Alberta Dental Fee Guides,

  • deals on group insurance and financial services through CDSPI,

  • travel, retail and hospitality discounts,

  • health and wellness resources and confidential counselling,

  • continuing education, and

  • networking opportunities – including complimentary registration for the recharged Alberta Wellness Summit, the premiere annual gathering and celebration of oral health professionals.

Keep an eye on your inbox for when the Association’s membership renewal opens. Now is the time to get involved with a vibrant dental community!


(Alberta Dental Association Board of Directors 2023-24. Left to right: Dr. David Kelner, Director; Dr. Bruce Yaholnitsky, President; Dr. Jenny Doerksen, President-Elect; Dr. Carol Martin, Director; Dr. Blake Sinclair, Director; Dr. Hans Herchen, Vice President)